Our Story

When Paulina, the founder of Taival Clothing, first started designing for those we love most – our children – she quickly noticed that it was what she was meant to do. All the fun and pretty patterns, all the soft fabrics, and all the “Oh, so small clothes”! After a few years in the making, a new clothing label was born.

A lot of planning, designing, notebooks full of sketches and wild blueprints, and the very first full collection was created. That collection, even though planned first, will see the light of day in autumn 2017. Before that, a small foretaste of what Taival is will be seen.

And what is Taival besides a Finnish word for a journey? Taival is a Finnish clothing label taking ideas not only from street fashion but also from all things cute and cool. When it comes to designing, we want to stay true to ourselves to be able to stay true to You and Your kids. Our clothes are strong and yet delicate. They are cool everyday clothes – relaxed and cozy, ideal for curious kids exploring the World!

Taival collections are designed with love and fulfilled in collaboration with talented pattern designers and seamstresses. When choosing materials, we have thought every detail, as we are not only interested in being stylish and of high quality – it is also a matter of ethics and being environmentally friendly. It is also a high priority to us that the clothes we make are comfortable, easy to wear and feel good.

We mainly use organic cotton in our clothes, and choose our manufacturers carefully. Clothes are designed to be double sizes. Details, such as foldable cuffs, let the garment grow with the child for a bit longer. We also appreciate the creativity of others and want to enable using Taival patterns also on your own designs, giving you the opportunity to choose fabrics instead of ready-made clothes. Either way, come and start Your Taival with us!