Never be tamed. Stay Wild

Inspirated by Wild Ones

Stay wild t-shirt is not just another t-shirt with cool print. The shirt includes a deeper meaning of embracing your child’s wild spirit.

Have you ever felt embarrassed for your child being over active and oh, so loud? Have you ever felt the eyes on your back when trying to settle down your wild kid, maybe only to realize your efforts are vain? Being wild is often seen as bad behavior but is it so much more (and maybe a bit that too). When others see (and hear!) just a noisy restless kids, we could see shining different personalities, with often dazzling imagination and sense of humor. Kids with own will and opinions they won’t hesitate to tell about.

Yes, there are situations that need to be taken care of, and yes, we need to teach them to behave well when it is necessary. But as long as we teach them to treat others with love and respect, not to hurt anyone, let them be wild. Let others stare, let them thinks whatever, You know your wild child is as good as anyone.

Never be tamed. Stay Wild

-Paulina / Taival