Fashion Revolution – Yes to Slow Fashion!

It is a high priority that Taival clothes are easy to wear, feel good and are free from harmful substances. We strive to make choices that are sustainable, building our whole supply chain responsibly.


Before starting out on our journey, we did a lot of research in aim to find good quality and trustworthy suppliers with ecofriendly and ethical practices. Whenever possible, we wish to go with nearby domestic producers to minimize any burden from transportation to the environment for one reason. As we could not find a suitable one from our local area, we had to widen our search to cover the rest of Europe. Finally, we decided to start our co-operation with a Finnish-owned factory in Portugal with transparent production and a strong experience on quality-made organic fabrics certified with GOTS and ├ľko-Tex. High quality has a big part in sustainable production.

Here is Ana from Cottonhouse, who goes through all Taival’s orders.
From packing!

We are also actively looking for new ways to develop our responsible practices. In the apparel industry, textile waste is a huge problem. From the beginning, we have had an objective to find new ways to turn any formed textile waste into something useful as a part of our production process. Last year we sought out a project in which a group of volunteers used a part of our leftover textiles to sew a donation of small clothes for premature babies for a local hospital. We were more than happy to participate this project!

Future plans

Perspective towards fashion has changed in past few years. The impact of fast fashion is widely recognized in our market area, and we are lucky to be in a spot where we can offer customers an alternative choice that meet their values. Being transparent has not been a marketing gimmick but an inseparable part of our practices, since our production is based on sustainability right from the start. We believe that it should be easy for customers to find that they can make good choices when buying clothes.

In the future, we aim to get away from seasonal fashion thinking. We want to challenge the idea that the clothes would become dated somehow and their value in the user’s eyes would drop in the appearance of the new collection. Our design is aimed at interesting pieces and designs that last from one season to the next. We believe that in this way we can offer our customers carefully considered products, each of which is special. Yes to Slow Fashion!